Monday, June 05, 2006

Hohmann wins World Straight Pool Championship

Thorsten Hohmann confirmed his reputation as one of the world's top players by winning the World Straight Pool Championship, in New Jersey, USA.

This was his second world title. In 2003 he won the World 9-ball Championship.

The 26 year old German beat his countryman Thomas Engert 200-80 in the final. The losing semifinalists were Max Eberle (USA) and Mika Immonen (Finland).

Hohmann also posted the highest run of the event, a brilliant 174 (unfinished) against John "400" Schmidt. That's just eight points shy of Joe Procita's record for tournament play. Here are the top five runs from the event:
  1. 174 Thorsten Hohmann
  2. 132 Mika Immonen
  3. 127 Max Eberle
  4. 125 Mike Sigel
  5. 123 Allen Hopkins
There were three women taking part; Jeanette Lee, Jasmin Ouschan and Megan Minerich. Jeanette Lee made it to the second stage and Jasmin Ouschan finished in an impressive fifth place.

Word is that tapings have been made and that the DVDs should be ready in about 6 weeks.

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  1. Great blog! Great links, well written news. Keep up the good work!

    Do you know how Siegel performed in the straight pool world championship? Did he loose in the first round in the knock-out stages?

  2. Hohmann is looking really good right now. It's going to be fascinating to see how he fares in 8-ball in the IPT.

    A 174 unfinished run is a real achievement under that kind of pressure.