Sunday, August 26, 2007

Launching the Billiard Pulse Calendar

The Billiard Pulse Calendar has now been launched. The calendar contains all upcoming cuesport events covered by Billiard Pulse.

The calendar is published through Google Calendar and comes with all the functionality of this service. You can add the calendar to your own schedule, you can get reminders by e-mail, etc.

Although you need to log in to Google to gain access to the full set of functionality you can see a stripped-down version without registering.

The dates have been collected from a number of sources, including WPA, UMB, EPBF, World Snooker, WPBA, Global Cue Sports Centre and AzBilliards.

In the right column you'll find a button leading to the calendar:

Billiard Pulse Calendar


  1. Thank you!

    And thanks for making one for this season's snooker events:

  2. Ah! Thanks for the promo, much appreciated! :-)