Saturday, February 28, 2009

Three years and counting

Billiard Pulse is a gargantuous three years old today!

.. or rather yesterday, but I've been a bit lazy.

The biggest change since the second anniversary is the addition of polls. Other than that the concept is the same as one year ago:
  1. Provide links to current and upcoming events
  2. Write short reports from major events with references to related material
  3. Cover the billiard blogosphere and maintain a list of billiard blogs and other billiard related sites
This blog is still a "labour of love" for me. I hope you find it useful.

Thanks for visiting!

State of the blog

In total there's been 196 posts since the start and 56 in the last year.

They have been tagged 1306 times with 132 different tags. 98 (28 in the last year) posts have been tagged with pool, 44 (12) with snooker and 31 (10) with carom.

The link list in the right menu now contains 179 links, of which 123 are blogs. That's a slight increase since last year when the numbers were 170 and 118 respectively. I had to retire a fair share of those though.

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  1. Hello Hermund!
    Congratulations! Keep going with the excellent work in promoting the cue sports.

    P.S: Can you change the url of my blog (snooker planet)? Now it is

  2. Thank you very much!

    I have now updated the link.

  3. Congratulations! Most people don't realize how hard it is to keep a blog current with frequent updates. Thank you for your efforts and I enjoy reading all your posts.

  4. Thank you for those kind words. I appreciate it.

    Good luck with your own blog! I enjoy your posts.

  5. Hermund,

    Congratulations on your 3 years in the pool blogging world. That's outstanding. I hope I can keep going as long as you have. Best of luck going forward.

  6. Thank you very much!

    I'm sure you'll last longer than that.

  7. Oh, I hope I'm not too late congratulate.

    Congratulations on the third birthday of your blog. Keep it up; it can be hard to write sometimes, but I guess you already know how to handle this problem (or you don't even know this problem of laziness).

  8. Thanks!

    I am way too lazy sometimes! :-)