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John Brumback is Master of the Table in 2009 Derby City Classic

Derby City Classic 2009
John Brumback from the USA is the Master of the Table in the 2009 Derby City Classic.

The tournament is comprised of three events. Brumback was first in bank pool, top-ten in one pocket and 9th in 9-ball. He bested Johnathan Pinegar (USA) with only half a point, 175.5-175.

Here are the final results, with field sizes:

Bank pool (398): Winner: John Brumback (USA), $10,000; Runner-up: Rodolfo Luat (Philippines), $5,000
One pocket (333): Winner: John Schmidt (USA), $12,000; Runner-up: Scott Frost (USA), $6,000
9-ball: (341) Winner: Shane Van Boening (USA), $16,000; Runner-up: Lee Van Corteza (Philippines), $8,000

All-around title (Master of the Table):
  1. Brumback, $20,000
  2. Pinegar, $3,000
  3. Luat, $2,000
This was Brumback's first all-around-title and also his first bank pool crown. Earlier he had finished runner-up twice in banks. Schmidt and Van Boening also lifted their first trophies in the event.

Francisco Bustamante (Philippines) was the defending over-all champion but ended outside the top four this year.

During the week there were several more events being staged. For instance, Danny Harriman (USA) beat defending champion Darren Appleton (England) in the final of the Straight Pool Challenge.

The tournament ran from January 23-31 at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel, Elizabeth, Indiana, USA. It was the 11th edition of the event.

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  1. Hi Hermann, great blog post as always, however the Master of the Table winner was John Brumback, not John Bruckman as stated in your post.

  2. Sorry, now I see I have also made a mistake by calling you Hermann when your name is Hermund.


  3. Thank you very much for the correction!

    I appreciate it.

    Son't worry about my name. You're not the first and definitely not the last, to be confused about that.