Sunday, October 26, 2008

Immonen wins first US Open title

US Open 9-Ball Championships 2008Finland's Mika Immonen won the 2008 US Open 9-Ball Championships.

The 2001 world champion earned $40,000 by defeating former world 9-ball champion Ronnie Alcano (Philippines) 13-7 in the final. Alcano earned $20,000.

It was sweet revenge for the Finn as Alcano earlier had defeated him 13-7 in the winners' final.

Warren Kiamco was beaten 11-9 by Immonen in the losers' final to finish third. That was worth $10,000 for the Filipino.

Alcano also finished second in last year's event. The winner that time was Shane Van Boening from USA. This time around he was knocked out by countryman Larry Nevel in the earlier rounds.

This was the first US Open title for Immonen. His best previous finish was runner-up to Corey Deuel (USA) in the 2001 final.

With this win Immonen moves from third to second in the BCA Points List. Losing finalist Alcano enters the list at 25th. Previous No.2 Johnny Archer (USA) is the new points leader. Shane Van Boening (USA) drops from first to third.

Immonen sits at No.3 in the first edition of the new WPA rankings. Alcano is in eighth. Ralf Souquet from Germany is the leader, followed by Daryl Peach (England).

The tournament was played 19-25 October at the Chesapeake Conference Center, in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA. There were 238 entrants in this the 33rd edition of the championships.

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