Monday, November 23, 2009

Chinese sensation Susha wins 2009 Women's World 9-Ball Championship

2009 Women's World 9-Ball Championship16-year-old Liu Shusha from China came out on top in the 2009 Kappa Women's World 9-Ball Championship.

In the final she won the last eight games to defeat three-time runner-up Karen Corr (Ireland) 9-5. The comeback included five consecutive break-and-runs.

In the all-Chinese bronze match Xiotang Pan trounced Fu Xiofang 9-1.

Shushua edged 2007 champion Pan 9-8 in the semifinals and Korr beat Xiofang with the same score.

Defending champion Yuan-Chun Lin from Taiwan went out in the early rounds after losing 7-0 to Corr.

This was the sixth world title in a row for Asian players. The last non-Asian to win was four-time champion Allison Fisher (England) in 2001.

The tournament ran from 16-22 November, 2009, in Shenyang, China.

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