Sunday, December 13, 2009

USA wins back Mosconi Cup

Mosconi Cup 2009USA defeated Europe 11-7 to win the 2009 Mosconi Cup.

The US team was in front all the way, leading 4-1 after the opening day, 7-2 after the second and 9-5 after the third. On Sunday Shane Van Boening sealed the deal by defeating Ralf Souquet (Germany) 6-2.

Europe was heavy favorites coming into the event with two straight wins and a team packed with world champions. USA now have 12 wins in total to Europe's 4.

The teams:
  • USA
    • Nick Varner (non-playing captain)
    • Johnny Archer
    • Corey Deuel
    • Oscar Dominguez
    • Dennis Hatch
    • Shane Van Boening
  • Europe
    • Alex Lely (non-playing captain, Netherlands)
    • Darren Appleton (England)
    • Niels Feijen (Netherlands)
    • Thorsten Hohmann (Germany)
    • Mika Immonen (Finland)
    • Ralf Souquet (Germany)
The event took place from December 10-13 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA. Matches were singles, scotch doubles and scotch quintuples with alternate break. Next year's Cup will be held in Europe.

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